Costaluto Fiorentino.. Final.


Date:15 Jan 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

This is a new tomato for me this year. It came as a recommendation and my initial thoughts were a bit negative to it. 

The tomato is indeterminate and very similar in size and shape to marmande, so was hoping it would replace marmande as a nice slicer as would be a long term producer rather than the sudden overload of marmande. Then I tasted a ripe one, and that's where it all fell down. Marmande with is alright uplift of slightly salty tartness beats this tomato a hundred times over.

Not to give up though, thos is an Italian heirloom favourite, so what did I miss? As the texture is a little dry/ flowery I thought maybe try another one off a different plant and it was no better. Taking onboarding that the Italian style tomatoes are normally cooking/sauce tomatoes I decided to try the slices on a pizza. Well this woke the flavour up, big time. To the point that this is a must grow for next year. The Basil complements the flavour of this tomato so much more than other tomatoes. Maybe this was the original pairing that made the flavour combination famous.

This is a highly recommended tomato!

Costaluto Fiorentino.. Final.