Cow pats make great frisbee s

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:10 Sep 2023

What a huge day I'm glad hobbies on dinner dutie , 

we have been busy Scotty took the rest of that tree out , just the stump to go now , it feels like we have so much more space now and the light that the area behind will get now will make a huge difference. 
Lawns mowed and clipping spread on the No dig netted garden , I'm yet to take it out I like to rake out and plan the what goes where areas , move pavers accordingly.

we finished off the worm farm and restarted a new one that's why there were cow pat frisbees ,this is my first 100% successful all the way to the castings point and I have for sure done a happy dance , I used some in our blueberry bed , that I also netted after my chickens had a destructive field day in it , there were strawberries around the outside they took a fancy to a few of them , but all save and since the berrys are small , I chucke a handful of beets , carrots and onion seed , so I will see what happens there .

And a massive reason to tidy up before new seedlings go out as snails are hiding everywhere, Jamison made a home for them , in reality this may be torture as he's likely to forget about them , and sorry not sorry I am not going to look after snails lol .

Cow pats make great frisbee s