Cucumbers and Chilli's in!


Date:31 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

The forecast for the next ten days looks fairly good mostly, and more importantly the night time temps are going to be a lot warmer with no frost in sight, so I'm going to start plant out the tunnelhouses.

As soon as we got home after the kids had finished school, Miss 6 and I headed out and planted out the cucumber and chilli seedlings in the tunnelhouse. 

I have to be ready careful when to plant in there as it gets so hot, and freshly new seedlings tend to sulk after planting if its too warm. So evenings are usually best, but it become overcast and cooled down enough that I'm confident they'll be ok. 

Miss 6 was ever so careful to remove each seedling from it's pot, and gently pat the soil around the seedling - I think I could learn a thing or two from her! We put some blood and bone in each hole, and a sprinkle of Dynamic Lifter around each seedling as a slow feed, love that stuff!

She has only very recently starting liking cucumbers so is very excited to help grow them this season, and it was so nice having her help whike listening to her chatting about her day. 

Cucumbers and Chilli's in!