Dad's Seed Sowing Method

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:16 Jun 2024

Blog Type:Flowers

Dad often pre-sprouts the flower seeds for their beautiful historic  homestay on the bench round the back.

Mainly I think as he wants SUCCESS and not to be bothered sowing seed that never germinates...  hes very practically minded my Dad

I have found good success with his method for hard cased seeds in the past.

Have improvised to where now i soak the seed a little first and then lay out on a sterille fragrance free wet wipe ( or baby wipe) , fold over and pop into a sealed plastic bag. Add a lable.  Check them and as they germinate  pot up in seed raising mix to grow on.  

These are some ' cactus dahlia' seeds he sent a few years ago ... trying his methoud out as they are old seed ( may not be viable... shall soon find out!) and accompanying letter starts ... 'Im sending you an assortment of seeds that I have had no success with and dont do well here at all ... '  thanks Dad!  

I looked at these close up ... the shape reminds me of the shark and ray egg cases that wash up on the beaches in the South island sometimes. Nature is amazing! 

Dad's Seed Sowing Method