Dainty and Delicious

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:11 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

Two little flowers caught my eye as I inspected the garden before the rain arrived this afternoon.

The delightful miniature daff is in a tub with its sisters just outside our ranch slider on the back deck. Only a few days ago they were buds and now they are heralding spring in their own sweet subtle way. My only beef with daffs is that they are so fleeting - I am of the gardening school that likes to get longevity out of my flowers, but I make an exception for these and plant them in pots so that their necessary foliage doesn't hang around in my border when the flowering is over.

The other is a pretty little pea flower on a small row of peas I planted a month or so ago. This delicate wee specimen not only provides the pleasure of its existence and sweet form - I know it will develop in to a pod of delectably delicious pods of perfect peas. Double whammy! 

These are the small but intense pleasures of this magical time of the year and I just love it. I am sure your spring garden is providing you with as much pleasure as mine.


Dainty and Delicious