Day 2 .,..Cape goosberry? Tomatillo?

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:26 May 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

Day 2 of getting ready for Spring... Progress Report 

Another 1m square block of kaikouya cleared this morning. And a good chunk of the path. It is most satisfying when the long runners pull away I confess! 

Also took out quite a bit of mint that was taking over in the same spot ... shall pot that up ready for planting up with the potatoes ( I have an idea brewing to experiment with) 

Afterwards I carefully stomped my way up what SHOULD BE the path to see what the top half of the garden looked like.

Part way up  discovered THIS fruiting plant thriving despite being overgrown by weeds and neglected for so long! Hardy little chap! Covered in flowers and little lantern like seed pods, and a couple of yellow fruits at the perfect readiness for a tasty treat . For the life if me I cant remember what it is called exactly . 


There were leeks growing in the same spot last October, but those have all vanished, though there may be some hiding under the kaikouya. 


Day 2 .,..Cape goosberry? Tomatillo?