Day 4 Seed Sowing and Companion Planting...

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:01 Jun 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Woke up thinking it was still May ... oops!  Got a bit of a shock when my phone told me otherwise... thought we still had one day to go! 

And... goodness only knows where my brain is at as absent mindedly  dated my peg labels as September 1st! Had to redo them! DOH! 

Apart from painting up a couple of baskets ready for the spring bulbs was nice to get some seed sown today. 

Sowings are Raddiccio ( red chickory... has pretty BLUE flowers in the second year and flowers for AGES! Well worth planting. ), Pak Choi ( have heard it is nicer than bok choi, have not grown either before ) , broccoliflower ( romanesco ) ( inspired by watching you guys growing it last spring ( was it Sarah and Sue?) ... bought some seed during the spring vege growing challenge but didnt sow it at the time. Good to get some in!

 Oh and picked a marigold seed head this morning so sowed those too as  companion plants for the other things.

The wind the other night totally shredded my shade umbrella oops! Made me wonder how the fliwer farm greenhouse fared this time.  

Day 4 Seed Sowing and Companion Planting...