Did myself a whoopsie, slippery spring


Date:27 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Wind/rain/hail/sun we seem to have had it all in the last week, although not too much sun.

On Tuesday I was out planting pumpkins, zuchinni, tomatos, corn plus salad stuff in the many garden beds/spots that are comming alive.

But as I was watering I slipped (my section is a variety of slopes with garden beds popping up anywhere that gets sun) I fell on cinder blocks injuring my hip and arm. Luckily nothing to serious but enough to put me out of the garden for atleast a week. 

I still get to watch it grow and see the seedlings get bigger on the windowsill begging for more dirt.

Pictured are my bunny friends moon and rooroo. They are indoor bunnies due to one of them having a brain injury. They love to eat weeds and garden scraps that they lovingly turn into palleted fertilizer mixed with hay that I use as mulch. They have been keeping me company as I heal and read all the garden blogs and listen to the howling winds.

Did myself a whoopsie, slippery spring