Don’t grow carrots in winter


Date:20 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

But why? 

When I first moved from Auckland to Christchurch and started getting into gardening, I tried to pick anyone and everyone's brains about what grows well and anything I needed to know about gardening in the Christchurch climate. 

One piece of advice was not to grow carrots over winter because they get all hairy as they come into spring... and no one wants hairy carrots!!


So for the first few years I didn't grow any carrots over winter... but then I got curious... what's so bad about hairy carrots? 

The next autumn I sowed carrot seeds, let them grow over winter and then pulled them in the spring... and they indeed were quite hairy... but once I gave them a scrub to get rid of the dirt most of the hairs were gone and they were just a normal carrot! They have been growing pretty much year round in my garden ever since! 

I do love receiving and sharing advice, but I'm also all about testing boundaries and trying to find out the 'why' behind some supposed garden rules. 

Don’t grow carrots in winter