Done and Dusted

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:06 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Today was definitely not a day where I followed my little and often approach. With the end of the school holidays looming, there were another couple of tasks needing to be done. Tomorrow and Sunday are family days so it was my last opportunity.

After sorting my dahlias yesterday, I planted what I wanted to put in this morning. In the 3 gardens which are at the front of our property, I popped in 25 tubers. I had a lot of tubers spare from splitting the clusters, but these have already gone to a friend who is just getting started with growing dahlias. 

Zac and I also added more pavers to the chicken coop. With all the wet weather we were having to put on gunboats to collect eggs. Last holidays we put half a dozen in. Unfortunately for us, our chickens like the path and don't always move for us, forcing back into the muddy bark. Today we solved the problem and added half a dozen more. We also topped up the bark on the area that needed it. Along with the new copp that Zac and hubby built earlier in the year, these area is looking heaps better. We will miss the silk tree though that provided a beautiful canopy over it, having lost it in the January storms.

And  lastly, with Connor's help filling the larger larger pots and bags, I finally got around to potting up my seedlings. Two hours, later they were done. A couple,  like the beans and corn, I haven't worried about. They will go straight into the garden over the next week.

I was worried that I wouldn't fit all plants back in,  but I just managed to. I do need to sort the lettuces into 6 cells, but will wait till the corn and beans are out/hardening off and I have space. I was also worried that not all plants would rechive adequate sunlight as I have only been using 3 shelves up until now. But while sitting and potting up in the porch, I was reassured that they were all getting full afternoon sun. 

It has definitely been a busy last few days, but it was worth the effort.  I now get to sit down and have some quality time with the family knowing the topsoil has been moved, the chickens are sorted, the dahlias are in and my seedlings are potted up. Now I can return to my little and often approach.

Done and Dusted