Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:18 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

We all have our own style of gardening - and I love them all! I love wild and woolly, I love cottage and rambling, I love arty and random and I love neat and methodical. Any garden that reflects it's creators personality and passion is absolutely fine by me.

My gardening style is the result of my upbringing and the influences of my parents and other gardening relatives - aunts, uncles, grandparents.

My Dad was an officer in the army, my Mum was a Registered Nurse. They were both tidy, neat and methodical people and that was reflected in their garden, although they did inject their personalities into their garden with some wonderful colour and imaginative plantings. Lawns were always immaculate and edges were defined - and that is what I have inherited. I also managed to marry a man with the same inclinations.

I admitted to James in a recent post that I trim all of the edges of my flower gardens with a pair of scissors. It sounds ridiculous but it's actually not that bad. I kneel on a soft pillow ( to save my old knees) and have my weed bucket, a pair of sharp scissors and my trusty garden fork. I work my way along my gardens and snip and weed and then fork the soil. It gives me time to get close up with everything that is going on in the garden.

It takes me about an hour to do all of our flower and herb gardens and it is good exercise getting up and down and then emptying the weed bucket into the compost.

A few years ago SH suggested he could line trim the edges of the garden - it totally ruined my precise lines and made the grass turn brown - never again!!

Please don't judge me as a garden snob - this is just what I like to do. I love what you do too.