Europe.. Are there Chillies?


Date:14 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

When we talk chillies and peppers we tend to think of Mexico, South America, India and the Middle East asweel as the far East. We tend to forget that the peppers were taken all over the world by the Spanish and Portuguese. 

Europe has one of the Biggest Seed development companies, Fatalli seeds, and produces some fantastic peppers like the Sugar Rush Peppers.  But most peppers grown there and used mainstream are mild or sweet papers. 

Spain love Paprika, along with Hungary, Portugal tone down Piripiri. 

From I am growing Shishito, a Japanese version of the Spanish Padron. I have Czech Black, similar to Hungarian hot wax and a few sweet peppers. Along with lunch box sweeties in red, orange and yellow, I am growing Italian sweet, marconi red and yellow, Coro do toro red, and have just recieved seeds for Jimmy Nardello, a variety og friggatello pepper from Italy, that I will keep for next season. 

We tend to forget that Europe had such a large influence in the spread of this fruit that has changed so many cuisines over the last few hundred years. 

Europe.. Are there Chillies?