Evictions, Thieves, and Plums

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:03 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Somewhat deemed an over stayer in the porch by the residents of the house concerned, my tomatoes have been served their eviction notice. Date for relocation is schelduled for tomorrow.  Whispers have been heard that a similar fate is in place for their relatives, the capsicums, who moved out of their room, and squatted beside them last week sometime. While their housing is ready, the overstayers on the otherside (the squashes) may be graced with one more day. There are no guarantees though. If the current tenants in their accommodation leave in time tomorrow  they may also find themselves in a new environment too.

With the wind whipping though this area in the last week, I'm not concerned about them not completing the full hardening off process. They are possibly more acclimatized to their surroundings than what my other seedlings have been in the past.

The next few days are looking a wee bit better, but with some showers due over the week. The drop in over night temps, don't look quite as severe as the past week. That being said, the capsicums will have a netted cloche, as will the squahes, but the tomatoes are on their own for a day until we move frame across from another bed. I can then pop a wind break down two sides if need be. 

Now speaking of tomatoes, we have discovered a theif. It's fair to say the giggle gave it away. Muttering as I opened the door about lots of flowers but no ripening fruit, I heard a giggle and a 'must be the birds'. While I had agonized over putting my tomatoes in the best place to optimize the sun, I had inadvertently put them in a perfect place in someone else eyes too. For two weeks (last time I recollect eating them), someone has been eating them while I have been unlocking the house.

And finally, after feeling despondent about my onions yesterday, today I was greeted with positives. Plums. That is one thing about gardening that I like. Sometimes you need to dig deep to find treasure. Sometimes, you just need to look up.



Evictions, Thieves, and Plums