Eyes wide open

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:20 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

This time of year everything is wanting to eat your brassicas . 
Or they want to bolt so here are a couple of tips .

Beware the folded leaf , little critters are making beds to raise young to devour your veges on mass , also look under leaves aphids and white fly are hoping to get established while your tending to your seeds , do not let them , and of course slugs and snails will be hiding my fav way to get rid of these guys is a wonder around the garden in the dark flash light of pot of boiling water at the ready , this work best after rain or at least a good watering . 

To stop them bolting keep watering consistent , and you can also pinch the leaves at the top to keep the sun out , a peg is an easy way to do this , and keep the foliage feed up I'm a fan of any seaweed based feed but my fav is the Yates seaweed and fish thrive food .

It was also time to cover the first lot of spuds , and get some seedlings out of the fridge and into the greenhouse , things are starting to get there second set of leaves so the dunk tray is full this is just an old cat litter tray and I add some thrive food to this to .

Eyes wide open