Fermented chilli Sauces...


Date:09 Mar 2024

These are the first four of the season. I have a few more ideas for more. Just need them to ripen. Jalapeño have been eaten along the way and peppadew will be pickled. Sugar rush Peach is next and then a few mixed versions. While I like hot sauce, flavour is still the first goal..

First in the row is Smoked Bastard. The hottest in the line up. Fresh Ancho, Serrano, Orange Birds Eyes and Piri Piri were fermted with dried Ancho and smoked Rocotto and Jalapeño. Smokey hot, Louisiana style hot sauce.

Spicey Miss Peachy is next. Peach Habanero and Carrot ferment. This is the sweetest sauce. Heat still packs a good punch.

Unadulterated Mz Rico is all about ghe Latin flavours. Yellow Peurto Rican with Yellow Marconi sweet pepper. Onion and Culantro (similar flavour to corriander/cilantro) for a fresh heat. This is not a super hot sauce. 

Embittered Miss Limon is the mildest (Kerry says it is too hot still πŸ˜‚) and is Aji Limon (lemon drops) white Spanish onion and lemon. Culantro was in the ferment and then removed before blending the sauce. This is a lemon forward sauce and the idea is to have it for fish tacos!

Next years Chilli line up is going to be more about hot sauce ideas, with some exciting new varieties, including one with honey caramel notes (I had one to try and 1 for seeds) which would be exciting. Maybe this could be a sweet sauce for ice-cream πŸ€”πŸ¦πŸ˜‚

Fermented chilli Sauces...