Finally found a use for my Rolex!

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:04 Mar 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

I dont collect tiny spoons, but have 2 very special ones ... this one ... a rolex, and one from Ferrari. 

Never used them till now. Perfect for deseeding cayennes! 

AND I MADE POPPERS! YUM YUM YUM YUM! The mystery cayennes ... well i sampled another one and confess it had me reaching for the milk in a hurry ... unlike the very bland one i tried the other day!   

So i chopped off the heads of a couple and slit them down the middle ... gosh that sounds SOUNDS so BRUTAL!

Stuffed them with cream cheese, rolled them in bacon and popped them in the oven where i had a chicken drum and wedges already cooking.  The fragrance as they neared readiness was devine!

Resulting flesh was incredibally sweet with enough spice to be delicious without being overpowering. 

Will put pictures in the comments as even though all free range i know some here may not wish to be assaulted with images of my meal

The rest of them I have strung up in the kitchen to air dry  

Finally found a use for my Rolex!