Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:06 Feb 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

I finally got around to making my next lot of jam yesterday (in between juggling some school work, and waiting for my eldest to get home from school so we could return to the sailing club where we've been all weekend at a sailing camp). 

While we were completely ecstatic by our red plums (Hawera) this year, we did have a few yuck ones in amongst them all. The rest of the family tend to chuck them to the chooks or in the bin, but I hate to see them go to waste (although I don't mind sharing them with the chooks too much as they give us eggs).

Over the course of a few weeks I have been chopping them up and freezing the good bits. It is amazing how much you can get. 1.5kgs of frozen plums turned into 6 jars of delicious jam. Tbh...I'd much rather do it this way and leave the perfect ones for eating.

I am now busy collecting the blackberries and popping a few of them in the freezer each day in a hope that we might get enough finally for our first ever blackberry jam (if not, it'll be a mixed berry jam).  

This is the part I love best...slowly seeing the shelves and freezer filling up.