Finding My Grove Again

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:23 Mar 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

After a few challenging months while we adjusted to the next stages in our lives, I think I am finding my grove again. Ironically, it came down to my early starts again out of necessity once again. While it was too dark to garden, I was able to sort the inside, and free up my weekend. 

I was actually able to get outside for an hour each morning while the rest of the family  sorted the pups which was all I needed to strip the garden of spent crops. Things certainly feel much more in control outside. I still need to attack the back bbq area, but I should get to that later today after I finish pottering in the kitchen. 

The tomatoes, beans and cucumbers are out. The dahlias, which ended up with mildew, got trimmed back. I haven't lifted this year, as I may get away with leaving them in and not worry too much about rot.  Reason being....I  got an exciting email last week from the council. The neighbours in front are being enforced to upgrade their systems which will help us immensely. It's been 18 months to get to this point, but I am grateful for the councils support. My grass is also now grown back fully which means I might get a year of gardening without too much added extra.

The garden is not completely bare. I have a very late crop of sweetcorn in which is actually  looking really good. Our chillies are phenomenal still. The basil remains where the tomatoes once stood. The capsiciums are still going. They didn't do as well this year. I definitely think they prefer the other side of the house against tge neighbours brick firewall. Although, my one in a bucket is doing so well. So well in fact that I think I am going to do more in buckets this summer, and free up a space in the garden for sweet corn much earlier. And while sorting the buckets, I actually decided that my broadbeans can be trialed growing in there. 


Finding My Grove Again