First spring weekend 2024


Date:01 Jan 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

Well it has all started to get real now.. Tomatoes are out in the green house, some more peppers were posted in thee final pots and others just potted up. Corn, zuchinni and cucumbers sowed into trays and are in the grow cupboard for germination. The beans are outside and taking longer than expected so made the will be moved into the cupboard too. 

Tomorrows job is carrots and I will use the same toilet roll method as last year.

Out in the garden the last of the noons were transplanted out. Potatoes were sown. Jersey bennies. I plan to plant more next months so as to make sure I have new potatoes for Christmas. 

The start of the week is great for for sowing root crops, but they will be pre planted so anny benefits can be gained. While I believe that this idea works well, it is for a different view than what most have. I have a bolg about my thoughts if you would like a small read😊

Good luck every body, happy Spring planting. 


First spring weekend 2024