First Tomatoes

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:15 Jan 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

There is a slight celebration in our house tonight. Out first tomatoes are ready. Albeit 2 white cherry tomatoes. But they are tomatoes non the less and will be enjoyed as part of our dinner alongside our potatoes, corn and cucumber.

With the onions and potoes now harvested, we have a few gaps appearing., and have been slowly putting in more seedlings, and seeds.

In between showers yesterday, the tree was removed from the section. While it seemed like a daunting task initially,  in the end it wasn't too big a job. One trailer load to the transfer station, one big branch  repositioned or the chickens  to perch on, and a dozen buckets of leaf mulch in the compost. With the lawn now mowed, we are back to enjoying the space. 

Two more dahlias. The red one I am unsure of origins....possibly a potted colour. The creamy yellow one, is from.last years seeds. This year, it also has a dusting of pale pink on the outer petals. While I believe a 3rd year will ensure stability, this one will be named Rhonda Mary after my Grandmother. 


First Tomatoes