Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:12 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

This time of year is full of "firsts".

The first seeds sown, the first seedlings pricked out, the first blossoms on the fruit trees. In the past few days I've had a special spring thrill with a couple of "firsts".

Number 1 was when I had my two year old grandaughter for the day. Theadora and Nanny had a little wander around the paths of our vegie garden and discovered the first fat peas on our Massey Dwarfs. Pods were popped open and the first peas were popped into a two year old mouth who then asked for more. We found another five or six pods which were devoured with huge enthusiasm. 2 peas were dropped into the stones and 2 made it to Nannys mouth - the rest were Thea's!

Number 2 of the "firsts" were the radishes I plucked from the ground this afternoon and chopped into a salad for our dinner. I only sowed them a few weeks ago and wasn't really expecting to find anything worth harvesting. Instead I picked a lovely bunch of sweet, crisp, slightly spicy radishes which we really enjoyed with our crumbed fish this evening.

I hope your spring is filled with fabulous "firsts" as well. I'd love to hear about them.