Flitting around

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:19 Sep 2023

I jamo home again today he's heaps better thankfully we did not want him to miss production he's worked so hard .

I planted some mystery seeds until I cleaned out my she shed I thought there were only 2 sadly I found 2 more so will pop them in tomorrow , I Also found some asparagus seed which I'm very happy about. 

I may have mentioned before I am on a cleanup mission , and I often see something that could absolutely be something else , some would say I have ADD but I try and set myself up with tasks having thought about them and put a plan in place even if it's just in my mind , it's what works for me . 

but my biggest achievement of the day if that my she shed is ready for working and entertaining with heaps out to donate or sell. 
I found my Dads seedling hess as t pad that I completely forgot about so it will be put to use very soon .

Flitting around