Flower Power


Date:09 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

I can't remember a time when we've had so many late frosts! We woke up to another one this morning and a frost is due again overnight. Everything was covered that needed to be so all is OK. The forecast looks frost free after that, so I'm hoping to get my beans and corn in this weekend.

There's only two good things about frosts that spring to mind - you usually get a beautiful sunny day after and peonies! They would have to be up there on my list of favourite flowers. Peonies need a few frosts in winter to flower, so that's a bonus of living in a frosty area. I split my peonie plants up last year, and they seem to be flowering and budding up at different stages this season, which I don't mind as I get to enjoy them longer! 

My clematis is looking like an absolute dream at the moment, and the rhodies along the drive are in flower or just finished. I love the yellow one as I don't see many that colour about. 

I adore this time of the year when my garden has come to life and full of colour, and the bees tend to agree. 


Flower Power