Focus on Mexican Tlacolula Tomato.


Date:17 Feb 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

Oaxaca Mexico is home to my favourite tomato, Oaxacan Jewel. A fantastic blushed yellow tomato which it's best use is sliced on a sandwich or Pico de Gallo (fresh salsa). When I came across a tomato named Mexican Tlacolula I had to take a closer look. Tlacolula is home to the oldest, and best market in Oaxaca Mexico. The climate is also single digest winters and hot dry summers. Most importantly there is also a local supplier for seed, even though the reputation of poor service, I ordered and received the seeds.

This is a drier Roma/paste type tomato that is a ribbed pear shape. Fantastic flavour but like its cousin, the oaxacan jewel is not very prolific. The ones you get are definatley worth te effort though.

The picture is new first attempt at a "Pico De Gallo" open toasted sandwich. Fresh tomato sliced (I used Tlacolula) on toasted whole wheat buttered bread. Sliced Red onion that was marinated in fresh lime juice for a few minutes. Finely sliced yellow habanero. Salt and pepper (I used Chipotle salt). The heat has destroyed all my corriander efforts  so now sprinkling of corriander 😔. If you want to bulk it up, even though not traditional Mexican, rocket would be a great green to add.

To sum up the tomato, if you had space to spare, this is a tomato that is great as that something special to grow, the only negative is that it is not a prolific producer. 

Focus on Mexican Tlacolula Tomato.