Fresh variety is what makes it special.


Date:06 Jan 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

While making burgers for dinner tonight, which make from scratch, we only buy the mince and buns, is where you realise how great the garden really is.

The parties were made and cooked, the buns warmed. Chips made from home grown potatoes and ready for sliced marmande tomato, picked 2 days ago and bright red from the kitchen window, drunken woman lettuce, galadon onion with its green stripes all picked while the patties were on the griddle pan, can't beat the fresh flavors.

The pic is of 4 of my 7 varieties of cherry tomatoes. Artisan blush, winter grape, gardeners delight and black cherry. The mystery, golden sweet  and sweet 100 did not contribute to the colour mix this round.

I hope everyone is ok in the weather!

Fresh variety is what makes it special.