Friday Foodie ... edible carrot greens!

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:24 Mar 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

Found a random carrot left over from our Yates Spring Vegetable Growing Challenge 2022 while I was removing weeds today. Intrepid survivor of Cyclones and Storms, Floods and Fair weather...

So, after immortalising it in paint in my sketchbook I was about to put the leafy green top into the compost  when an Italian lady online shrieked Noooo and advised me that they were 'yum' especially if 'raw in a salad with goat cheese and other things'

So, this is a little intrepid as, i dont know WHY BUT i always thought they were um...well...poisonous!  Yet tonight it's 'foodie friday' so here I am with carrot ( greens) on rye ( and a bit of swiss cheese, chicken and avacado dressing to bulk it out a bit...)   

Feeling brave... im sure it must be full of goodies ... tastes a bit like a carrot/parsley hybrid ..

Anyone else eat carrot tops and if so what do you do with them? 

Friday Foodie ... edible carrot greens!