Full of Hope

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:10 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Making a start on sowing seeds really does make you start to feel full of hope. Hope for a prosperous growing season. Hope for a plentiful pantry and freezer full of preserves and quick easy meals. Hope for an abundance of crops to which you can share with family and friends. And quite simply...hope for some sunshine.

Today marks the start of the seed sowing venture for our family. With my little 10 year old in tow, we filled all the cell containers and popped them into the mini greenhouse. I then proceeded to sow the first lot of seeds. The capsicums are in (my prolific choc ones from last year, a California Golden Wonder) and my chillies (just jalapeños and a saved seed from a few years ago that was from a large sweet chilli); lettuce are in (cos and a salad bowl mix); spring onions, rocket, basil, egg plants (I don't actually like egg plants, but will use them to bulk up pasta sauces to freeze); tamarillo (simply because I found 4 random seeds while sorting out a few things so I chucked them in); fennel; and tomatoes. 

This year's tomatoes include:


A beefsteak

Black Krim




Aunt Gerties 

White Beauty

A yellow pear

Indigo Rose

Indigo Fireball 

Black cherry

And a random badly labelled seed I saved last year (either a white beauty/white cherry or Indigo fireball).

I've not grown a couple of them for a few years (marmande/ oxheart/beefsteak/Black krim) and I was feeling a bit nostalgic so popped them in. I always struggle with which ones to plant, but so long as we have one large black tomato, a large red, a yellow of sort, and a scattering of cherry tomatoes, it usually covers everyone's wishes. 

During the week I will look at getting the cucumbers, pumpkins and squash and melons going. 

Full of Hope