Fuzzy buddy


Date:06 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

I have to say a fuzzy bumble bee does make me smile.

Today was just a liquid feed because I am out of gogo juice so other stuff shall wait.

But I did sit and watch the garden for awhile. Lots of bumbles out this afternoon, I usually have 1 or 2 nests on my property at any given time (last season it was right by the slide...not ideal) . I don't know if these ladies are living here as I haven't stumbled on the nest yet. Not many honey bees about, there is some but they get lost amongst the other pollinators! Hover flies and flies were busy on my coriander and parsley along with a bee or two. Birds are frolicking between my fejoia flowers and tui are fighting over who gets the flax. They were all scared off by a wood pigeon who plumpfted (that's the sound it made) down bringing the whole flower to the ground.

It is quite magical just listening to the buzz and songs of the garden, good to slow down and smell the roses (smell amazing). Happy gardening everyone!

Fuzzy buddy