Garden Day!


Date:26 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I finally had a decent stint in the garden this afternoon. I haven't had much luck with direct sowing seed this season so far, I don't think I've been keeping the soil damp enough. So I re sowed some carrot seed in a row that is very patchy. A whole other row pretty much didn't germinate either, re-did that as well. With the last row of carrots, I'm sure I can see some wee heads emerging from the soil (if I look close enough), so I whoa'ed myself up from putting more seed in there too, and will give them a chance and some more time! 

The supermarket spuds got their last mounding, and both lots of taties got some potato fert watered in. My pumpkins, zuchinni, beans, peas, last lot of sown brassica, peppers and cucumbers got a good liquid feed as well. This all takes a while with a 10L watering can when I've got such a large garden, I'll have to put my thinking cap on what I could use instead.

And finally I sowed some more ice berg lettuce in pots. Hope you all got some gardening time in too. 

Garden Day!