Garden gold

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:09 Sep 2023

A trip to the dump , then a trailer load of prunings to the burn pile , I am getting on top of things around here .

Then nearly 3 hours with the help of Scotty and a little help from Jamo we got though half of our worm farm harvesting the worm castings which looks incredible, as we were going though it there were a few bits that still resembled poo , but at this point the realisation that it is in fact now all pop but now the aim is only worm poo was pretty funny , We hope to get the other half done tomorrow but until then the worms that have been extracted are hanging out in a bucket with the last of last years zucchini and some coconut core until we start the process all over again , I am so happy we reinstated it last year and that my filter system worked and I didn't drown them 😊

finished the day of with a walk down the beach and fncs for tea because life's about balance 

Garden gold