Garden Progress

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:13 Jan 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Although the weather has continued to be less than ideal this week, since returning early from our holiday,  I have at least been able to potter in the garden. Something I don't normally get to do for most of January. The corn was staked (in prep for next week's possible front); more potatoes were harvested (another 5kgs); the remaining cherry tomatoes have been planted. And while some things are sulking with all the rain, the carrots sown just before we left last week are already poking through. Normally we struggle with sowing carrots at this time of the year as we find they dry out too quickly. Instead of dwelling on things, we figure we may as well use the excess water to our advantage. 

While there is still a few muddy patches on the back section, the river has once again drained away, and we incurred no further damage this week. The bbq area is tidied up, and we just have a pile of branches on the lawn, and a tree stump to deal with.

Our tomatoes are still holding out on us, but we are at the point of planning most of our meals around what is ready. Our bantam corn is starting to ripen. While they are smaller (I guess they name says it all), in hindsight it was perfect for us. It grew quickly, and we were lucky it was pollinated before the weather turned again. Cucumbers are a staple in most meals, and we've been able to share our excess with my mum.

Our jalapeño are forming, but are still at the green stage. Our banana capsicums and another one are starting to produce. Our later choc capsicums are still yet to flower. We also have some squash forming and one rock melon. I think the challenge for us atm is the amount of rain whilst things are flowering.  Our asparagus, grown from seed last year, has also decided to have a second flush. These ones are certainly looking much fatter too. We also had a dozen new seedlings which were growing to big for the pot. 

Garden Progress