Garden Tour part 3


Date:28 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

As we move down the path, we approach the back fence. This is the sunniest part of the garden. The bed to the left has onions, corn, carrots, cucumbers and Kumara. The cucumbers and Kumara will climb the trellis. The front is lined with 3 long pots and 2 round. 1 is an unknown chinese herb for blood pressure, the second has potatoes. The long pots have mesculin salad mix and 1 has baby spinach. Oragano, parsley, violets, cosmos marigolds and nasturtium are companion plants helping keeps the balance. A rosemary Bush is in the raised beds at the back against the femce. These are the first 2 in the row. They are getting prepared for the tomatoes. Currently there are some companion flowers growing, 2 tomatoes ae in, 1 oaxacan jewel that was separate from the problem ones, and a grafted Bloody Butcher that I bought. 

Bishops crown, mad hatter and piri Piri are the chillies that are also at home here, the is a sugar rush peach the looks like it may have survived the winter there. 


Garden Tour part 3