Garden with the cat.


Date:16 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

What wonderful weather we had today, even Seb, our cat was keen to stick around in the garden, chasing skinks in the nice warm greenhouse. 

The broad bean that I grew as a cover crop, dis so well that I gave them a chance to change my mind about them. Well I still don't really like them, a handful of fresh beans is ok, but tge space is required for tomatoes, so they will get to do there job and release the stored nitrogen into the soil to give the tomatoes a good start. 

I grew Black pearl for the Pepper in a can challange, which did not grow true. So I have some new seed, and a seedling was planted into a can today, this will be a seed donor for the next composition to start in winter 2024.

Golden Bantam corn has germinated well, and the bed for them was cleared today. A sprinkling of sheep pellets and some blood and bone, a pea straw mulch and then the bed is ready. 

Hope the weather stays warm and dry for everybody and the seeds germinate well! 

Garden with the cat.