Getting out of my own way

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:25 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today I made a decision a pretty massive one going forward and hopefully mean I enjoy my lifestyle even more . 
I put it out to the world that I will be opening for pick your own this season , excited , terrified, motivated , nervous but I feel we're ready that my locals will appreciate it , and it's so good for the soul and your mental health just being in the field .

Ive made the decision for 2 reasons 1 I don't really enjoy the 2 hour drive , and the prices at market are off putting le low . 
I can only guess with everything being so expensive people are not buying as many flowers as they use to , but an experience that ends in flowers bonus .

So now I get the goods in the ground I started with 80 ish sunflowers and 196 strawflowers, these guys will handle the possible neg temp this week , I put in all purpose granualated fert with some neem granules to give a boost and keep bugs away , then put nets on to keep birds of , not least of all my chickens    And watered in well .

everything else is staying put till the weekend . 

Getting out of my own way