Getting started early

Gardener:Nik South

Date:08 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

This is my first time doing the growing challenge!

Covid taught me I could do so much more in the garden - I used to buy ready started seedlings but for the past two years I've tried to go one step further and grow from seed.This year I've tried to get things started earlier than usual.  I moved my mini glasshouses so that they were in a better position for catching the sun and not getting picked up the by wind!  I've grown lettuce, red and white onions, cabbage, cauli, broccoli, silverbeet and spinach for the garden from seed.  I've also has an experiment with heirloom varieties of tomatoes and growing them from seed.  So far I have 8 different varieties up and they'll go in the glasshouse in a few weeks along with some cucumbers.

The glasshouse is all set to go, we've renewed the planter boxes in it this year and renewed all the mix.

My husband put the rotary hoe over the garden for me on Friday and I've spent yesterday and today planting .  To date, I have in some early Rocket Potatoes - just 2 rows for now, and I have Agria sprouting for my main crop.  Peas are sown.  I've got 4 rows of baby carrots sown, planted my onions, lettuces, cauli, cabbages and broccoli and today I've potted up more seeds of onions, corn, and broccoli.  

I'm trying something new this year to try and reduce the weeds coming up between the rows.  I've put strips of cardboard down from the recycling bin and popped bark mulch over the top.  Time will tell.  Feeling quite happy with progress so far!

Getting started early