Gherkins & Driftwood...

Gardener:Old Mangakino Orchard (McCallum's Garden)

Date:24 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

is the name of our band and self titled album. 

Featuring the well known hits...

Hotter than a Jalapeno 

Amore and Italian Capsicum 

Kale don't like snail

and the crazy chart topping

Aubergine Limousine 


Or... it's just another garden at our place. I'll let you decide. 

Photos are of another garden set up on the weekend. We took Indy our dog for a walk to the waterfall down the end of our street and whenever I go, I come back with driftwood.  Most of it is forestry slash as we live near Glenbirvie Forest.  I figured I'd put some to use and create a structure for the gherkins.  The plan is to grow them up the hop twine by wrapping them around as they grow and also using some special clips. Just need some more wood to cover up the waratahs.  

I don't have the budget for flash irrigation at this stage so I have been buying the cheap soaker hoses for about $8 and setting them up face down so the water goes straight into the ground. Then covering them with mulch or plastic which I hope will make them last longer. I'm not a fan of spending hours with a hose. This new setup allows me to set a timer and walk away. By pointing them down, I don't end up with wet plants hopefully reducing the chance of fungal diseases.  

This garden is our capsicum, gherkins, jalapenos, and eggplant.  There is also a broccoli that has gone to seed (I'm collecting seeds this year) and some kale from last season. I have some more of these plants spread out just in case disaster hits this garden. I learnt that it's best not to have all your eggs in the same basket last season. 

Gherkins & Driftwood...