Giving the pollenaters a year off!


Date:06 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Last year there was a noticeable lack of bees and pollenaters in my garden. So I thought that this year we should focus on them, planting more bee friendly flowers and giving the natural spaces for nesting. The back corners of my beds have rained undisturbed. The leaves will be topped up in autumn so there is nesting spots. Bees are encouraged to enjoy the many flowering option from leek, onion, celery and parsley along with cosmos, calendula, marigold, nasturtium and many more. They are welcome to the zuchinni and cucumber but they are parthenogenic so no need for them to do any work, just have a day off.

Today we got our first cucumbers today. They are Lebanese style and are super juicey. This is the first time growing them but they are definatley on the permanent grow list!

Now I just need underware to match my dress so I can take a harvesting photo 😂

Giving the pollenaters a year off!