Glorious Greenhouse

Gardener:Old Mangakino Orchard (McCallum's Garden)

Date:18 Apr 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I'm loving finally having a greenhouse.  At our last place I really wanted one but was told no and rightly so because I pretty much took 80% of the land for gardens. Was a very small cross lease property. 

This greenhouse while not flash, does the job and was a free gift from my dad who purchased it but never got around to putting it up.

With the crazy weather we have had, the greenhouse has been the best performing space probably due to the consistency of the climate. I thought pests and fungal problems would be elevated in the greenhouse but strangely it's quite the opposite.  Probably because I spend so much time checking on and can get things sorted early.

The capsicum and chilli are still going strong and flowering so I don't know how long the season will be for them. I'm going to try to keep a couple of the good ones and prune them back over winter. I've heard you can get a couple of seasons out of them if the climate is warm enough. 

Cucumbers are coming along nicely and should get another crop before winter. I've got some eggplant that I planted late so not sure if they will fruit. Might have missed the boat there but the plants look healthy. 

Got about 30-40 passionfruit growing from seed. It's crazy how easy it is to grow from seed. Thinking we might sell a few to recoup the cost of potting mix. 

The main thing I love about the greenhouse is having a place where I can still "get out into the garden" even when it is pouring. There is just something special about being in there with the rain beating down on the roof. It also means nobody can hear ne talking to my plant children and call me crazy!

Glorious Greenhouse