Good for the soul


Date:18 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Reading Sarah's post from the 11th about it being 'one of those days' - I can completely relate to... but being one of those weeks. 

Last week when our little boy was 20 days old we had to go in for a small operation, so that followed by a HDU stay, follow up appointments and an ED visit, the week absolutely got away on us! 

But what I did love after coming home from overnight in the hospital was being able to walk around the garden in bare feet, looking at how the plants were growing, seedlings were popping up and connecting back with nature after being in a place that is so sterile! 


I also loved reading everyone's update posts through the week - at some point I'll jump on my computer so I can comment on them!

Photo is of me in my gumboots... because as much as I love a good wander around in bare feet, I didn't think a toes photo would be appreciated by all :) 

Good for the soul