Goodbye Summer.. Hello Atumn


Date:29 Feb 2024

As Autumn progresses and the leaves start to change colour, we get to be busy in the Kitchen preserving all the summers harvests.  The colour in our little garden comes from the chillies. Seed saving, fermenting, drying and smoking them for the winter stews and casseroles. Hot sauces and not so hot sauces. Spicey bbq sauce for burgers.

Time to take out the worn out plants, pray the butternut will have enough time left and sow the cover crops. 

With the success of the Olla pots, this winters plan is to get them through the whole garden. So not many winter crops for me, I will spend the time layering leaf mould and compost getting the fungal life back to strength after disturbing the soil. The Yates Prize will come in handy for the project, Thanks Yates!

Sounds like most of us had a great summer! A few some unforseen adventures that have hopefully been overcome! Time to enjoy the Autumn garden! 

Goodbye Summer.. Hello Atumn