Grafting Log #1


Date:30 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I have a bought Grafted tomato to experiment with and see how it performs and to get a few earl tomatoes (first ripe one today) This was because of a disaster with the seedlings and a restart was set up.

This led to some discussion on here about grafting, resulting in some research, market research, and some rather big quotes. 

The first experiment is to get 1 plant to have 2 types of tomatoes. Oaxacan jewel rootstock wil grow 2 leaders, 1 has been grafted (today) with Purple cherokee, and then I have the opposite on a second plant. Let's see how this goes. 

Plans are in place for Experiment 2. Winter will see me grow Red Russian grafted onto Gross Lisse plants as the  root stock. I did want to do Sub Arctic Plenty (seeds are unavailable at the moment, and due to the season they will be available too late for me) on Emperador RZ rootstock, but at about $400 for 2000 seeds as a minimum order it is not a viable option.

Well we almost had a full salad from the garden for a late lunch, just waiting on the cucumbers to get a bit bigger and was only 1 small tomato. The necks of the onions are flopping so they need to be harvested and used soon. 

Hope everyone has a great Friday... Roll on the weekend! 

Grafting Log #1