Green Days

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:08 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

My grandkids are right into asking me what my favourite colour is. Right now its GREEN! Looking out from my kitchen I am just loving the spring growth and the green foliage of the Agria potatoes with their first white flowers just starting to appear.

In our vegie garden there is green everywhere. The sweet peas on the archway have only had a couple of flowers so far (will post when they have more James). But the climbing snow peas have produced heaps of deliciousness, the dwarf peas are giving us a our allotment of greens every second night, the Pukekohe Long Keeper onions are developing nicely and the lettuce and spinach are also keeping us well fed. Then there is the dwarf beans, the silverbeet, the strawberry leaves looking lovely aginst the red fruit, the parsley, the massive rhubarb leaves and the chives.

Oh yes these spring days are green days and I am loving green.

Green Days