Happiness is a handful of strawberries

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:04 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Everyday starts with watering and strawberry picking . 
I finally got a fair bit planted in the netted garden , trimmed back the rose and bay tree to fixes the net making it completely chicken proof . 
in went 5 money makers and 3 sweet 100 toms . 4 telegraph cucumbers, 2 grey pumpkins 30 leeks 12 brocolli and 3 scollopinis . 
Everything got a couple of handfuls of coco fibre and blood and bone , this is a no dig garden so doesn't need as much feeding or watering and the soil is absolutely alive .

Theres still room for lettuce , kale and basil .

Discovering a weather warning for hail after planting wasn't good but that's been dropped so fingers crossed it's all ok . A nice but if time spent down the beach with so many different skies .

Happiness is a handful of strawberries