Happy Last Week of Winter! … Let the Sowing Begin 👏👏👏

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:24 Aug 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Says these should be ready to plant out in 4 weeks ... hopefully by then I will have found someone awesome to be my 'arms in the garden ... ' 

just one seed in each wee potted with potting mix and a sprinkle of beach sand on top. Shall keep these in the studio till it's warme out. 

have had these pots since last year but was too 'precious' to use them knowing what they cost and not wanting to waste them. Which is a bit silly really! Doing a gradual Swedish death clean so just bit the bullet and grAbbed them quickly before I changed my mind lol. 

now off to research companion plants for watermelons 🍉 as can then get them going also

my watermelons failed last spring summer... many possible reasons why... fingers crossed for this lot

have 8 seeds for direct sowing left if needed

Happy Last Week of Winter! … Let the Sowing Begin 👏👏👏