Happy new year

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:01 Jan 2024

Blog Type:Flowers

Welcome 2024 we have started off with enthusiasm and community.

we started the morning off well , I cleaned the house while Scotty got a bit more done on the sign , which is coming along amazing , still using materials and skill tools we have , I'm so grateful my hubby is so supportive and can see how this will benefit our family , he reads my wee lists and pops them in his memory bank , and surprises me , not with a finished product but the way to do it , and I tell him what it needs to say 💕 then we work on them together , I love it . 
Then I had laid out some wine barrel rings in a flower shape for the flower world , as a start to adding artwork, and it's come out awesome, it may evolve a bit over time I think it needs just a little more , this was from bits around the place to . 
Then we had friends over for lunch and to come pick fruit , the kids had a swim , I got us a pool as a family gift and a way to help me control my temp , win win here as Jamison loves it . 

I hope you all have incredible experiences in 2024 , be abundant, brave , resilient and capable. And rest when you need to .

Happy new year