Happy place


Date:29 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

My potatos are really comming along now they do need more mulch and one lots needs more mounding thanks to the birds digging off the soil. My cabbages are finished so last week i planted some beets, carrots, radish and a few onion seeds under my net tunnel (take that birds) My other beetroot despite my best efforts look like they are bolting ah well one day I'll figure out why. Until then though tonight I'll have stir-fry vege including beet leaves, they are yummy.

By goly the flax, it is a sight to behold! The young tui popping into feed are a never ending entertainment (without adds) and I've been doing alot of watching them from my deck with a cuppa while I recover from the weekend tummy bug. 

Today I did have some energy for gardening but I chose a easyish task of weeding the driveway, which I can do while sitting and shuffling along. Hopefully tomorrow I'll take a picture up that way are my roses and succulents. 

Happy place