Hello 2024


Date:09 Jan 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

Hey fellow gardners happy new year.

My xmas/new years was super busy doing things with the family and eating too much so pretty grand!

My garden has been slightly neglected for a few weeks but I feel the heat is only just hitting wellington.

My zuchinni are yet to produce much and mildew has come early with all the drizzle and cool temps. The thing in my garden that is booming are the berries!

Picking raspberries/ strawberries and boysenberry daily eating some and freezing the rest for jam.

Also my lovely boss gifted me 2 cubic meters of topsoil for Xmas so that has been moved from the drive to a storage area where I will top up all the garden beds when they are empty. Now that's a better gift than a gym membership  any day 😁 yay summer

Hello 2024