Hello 2024!


Date:03 Jan 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, a safe start to 2024 and your gardens are flourishing! 

This is our year for berries and nobody is complaining, we're getting bowls full every day at the moment! Miss 6 is enjoying harvesting the peas at the moment too, although a bit reluctant to share with her brother....lol

The pumpkins have taken off and are growing well, and I'm finally seeing good growth from the corn and the climbing beans - they have enjoyed a break from the wind I think! 

I got the other kamo kamo seedlings planted out today (after losing all but one plant to that late frost and the wind). So hopefully we'll be trying kamo kamo chips in no time. 

Everything else is growing in leap and bounds, and I'm harvesting lots of goodies every day. Life is good! 

Hello 2024!