Helping hand

Gardener:Nik South

Date:30 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers, Recipes

I had been given some pumpkin plants by a friend, but there was going to be too many with what I had already grown, so I popped up a post on our street Facebook group offering some to people in our street.

One of the neighbours was keen to give them a go, but had never gardened before or planted veges.  Her landlord had planter boxes on the property but they hadn't been used for a year or so and were all weeds.  He said she was welcome to use them but would have to weed them first!  My neighbour wasn't sure where to start, so I went over and we cleared one of the planters to start from scratch.  

While we were doing so, we found some potatoes that were already sprouting, so we decided to lift them out, and keep them to replant properly.  We cleared the whole planter box, dug it over and then replanted it with a row of potatoes and at the other side popped in two pumpkin plants.  At the weekend we are going to add a row of carrots and then some spinach and a couple of lettuces.

This is a photo of what we started with.  I'm looking forward to seeing what we can produce from this wee area!


Helping hand