Hi, I'm Kayla from Yates


Date:31 Oct 2023

Hi there, my name is Kayla and I work in the office for Yates. As Sarah mentioned I will be keeping an eye on things while she is away. 

The picture is of the garden outside our office. It is the bright spot of our car park, and I am a big fan of all the different shades of green.

The lucky random winner of the weekly free packet of seeds is Caryn M! The seeds will be on their way to you very soon :)

I’ve also got the pleaseure of awarding the Encouragement Award Prize Pack! After an accidental slip in the garden, she has been hanging out with some indoor bunny friends while she rests and recovers. Euqinom is patiently waiting to get back in to her garden which I'm sure is not easy! I wanted to wish her the best in her recovery, and I hope to see her back in action soon! Euqinom - I will send your prize out to you this week :)

It has been great fun watching what's been going on in everyone's gardens so far, and I look forward to seeing more in these coming weeks!

Thanks, Kayla :D

Hi, I'm Kayla from Yates